ONA - Oficina Nómada de Arquitectura

ONA – Oficina Nomada de Arquitetura offers a new working platform for the creation and production of architectural projects, involving participation and innovation between diverse disciplines and careers. In ONA, we create a new work structure to develop architectural projects, which introduces changes and innovations in the perception of architecture. Inside the ONALAB area, the ideas related to future users are presented through digital projects in virtual and augmented reality, besides the traditional techniques of graphic and digital representation. The use of these techniques as new forms for materializing architectural projects allows the exploring of new strategies and material reaching, in which not only the architect participates and intervene but also the client.

Projects developed by the team arise in different ways. Sometimes, they arise from our initiative due to disciplinary explorations and/or conceptual considerations. Other times, they come along with the projects that come up withing other activities, such as the property developments that aim to understand and attend the series of economic needs and the contemporary dwelling possibilities in a constantly moving and evolving world.

In this way, ONA tries to bring closer and minimize the limits between the tangible world and the digital world. To achieve this goal the work structure is divided into five main themes:

It is the project development area in which the whole creative process is carried out through different material and digital techniques.
It’s the technical area of work support. Here, the specific documentation for the direction and construction of our projects are created.
This division is called ARCINECTURA. It’s the diffusion of audio-visual register area, in which the architecture is tied together with other disciplines such as cinema and photography.
In this sector, called ONALAB, the new digital experience with the user is developed, using virtual and augmented reality.
This sector of ONA explores the new material techniques, creative process and theoretical reflections.

Nicolás Guerra

The Director and founder of ONA. He is an architect who graduated from Universidad de Mendoza, and he has a master degree in Projective Investigation from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Since 2010, he has focused his professional career on diverse residential, business and educational projects. He has been part of Architecture III and IV faculties in the Universidad de Mendoza and of Architecture Workshop V faculty in the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo – UNCuyo, - he has also taken many courses related to photography and experimental cinema. He created ONA more than three years ago. Here, he dedicates himself to the architectonic design, direction of projects and business management through a remote access collaborative work platform, which allows all the collaborators to perform their part of the projects from anywhere in the world.

Fernando Zingaretti

Fernando is an architect born in Argentina, graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza. He has been working in ONA since 2017 in the production of architectural design, technical direction and work management. He has participated in developing interior projects in the HAD company (Hotel Design Assistance) for international hotel chains. He has been a teacher’s assistant in the Architecture Workshop III faculty of the UNCuyo. He has a broad knowledge of BIM platforms for project creation and implementation in work teams and digital modelling, production and representation.

Carolina Virdó

Carolina is an architect born in Argentina, graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza. She had the best GPA and Medal of Honor of the first class of architects of said university. She did her professional training in Santiago, Chile, within the academic mobility scholarship program for students. She also has participated in international competitions and research publications throughout her academic studies. Currently, she is a vocational teacher in the Executive Project faculty of UNCuyo. In 2018, she joined ONA to perform the architectural design tasks and to collaborate with the technical direction and direction of work.

Franco Sandes

Franco is an architect born in Argentina, graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza. He has experience in projects' creation and communication by graphic representation and 2D and 3D visualizations, using his broad knowledge of aesthetic, interior, and graphic design criteria. He has also performed as director and collaborator of investigation projects related to applying architectural phenomenology in the projective workshops within UNCuyo. He has been part of ONA since 2019, where he performs the tasks concerning the architectural design, the technical direction of works and the visual communication of projects.